• Electronic Banking

    Ratepayers can pay tax and utility billings by internet and telephone banking. Your customer account number is your owner number located above your name and address on your tax notice. For other invoices (water, gravel) the customer account number is your phone number including your area code. 

  • Farm Yard (Rat) Clean Up Program

    Funding to a maximum of $550 is available for cleaning up a vacant yard site or old buildings on occupied farms. This funding is based 2/3 of actual cost to a maximum of $550 i.e.  spend $825 - receive $550.  The aim is to destroy rat harborages. Abandoned buildings should be burned and buried or torn down and hauled away.

    Fill out the application form and send it to the office (mail, fax, email) or call the office for more information.

    icon Farm Yard (Rat) Clean Up Application Form


  • Library Cards

    Ratepayers can obtain a SILS (Saskatchewan Information and Library Services) card by visiting any library in Saskatchewan. Two current pieces of ID which verify your legal land description are needed. These SILS cards can be used to borrow material from any library in Saskatchewan. The R.M. is in the Palliser Regional Library area whose head office is 366 Coteau Street West, Moose Jaw.

  • Municipal Maps

    Municipal maps are available to the general public at a cost of $11.00 each if picked up or $14.00 each if mailed out. This includes GST, PST and shipping and handling.

    R.M. ratepayers are entitled to one municipal map every 4 years.

    In honour of the R.M.'s centennial year, a map has been compiled with every owner of every quarter since the dominion land grants were issued. This was a huge undertaking, requiring fourteen months of research. The map is available for purchase at $20 per map (taxes included). Ratepayers are eligible to receive one map for free. These are available for pick up only at the R.M. office.

  • Office Services

    All costs of services include the applicable taxes. 

    • Commissioner of Oath service provided at no charge to the ratepayers during office hours
    • Photo Copying - $0.20 per copy, $0.10 per copy if paper supplied
    • Pins (R.M. centennial) - 1st two free per R.M. household. Additional pins @$3.25 each (pick up) or $5.50 each (mailed)
    • Tax certificates - $10.00 each (for up to four parcels of land)
    • Tax Information for Mortgages - same as for Tax certificates
    • Zoning Bylaw, Official Community Plan (OCP) - paper version - $25.00
    • R.M. maps
      • $11.00 (picked up) or $13.00 (mailed) each
      • Ratepayers receive one free map every 4 years
      • Grid Road maps - $2.00
      • Division Books - $40.00 + GST + PST
      • Centennial Map - $20 picked up
    • Direct Sellers License - $25.00 per year
    • Documents - $10.00 per document; copies of municipal contracts, reports etc. and Council minutes $50.00 per month
    • Fax service
      • Receiving $1.25 per pages
      • Outgoing - local $1.25 per page, long distance $1.75 per page
    • Development Permits
      • $75.00 for Residential/Agricultural development
      • $150.00 (for a value of development up to $350,000) for Commercial/Industrial development
      • $600.00 (for a value of development over $350,000) for Commercial/Industrial development
    • Building Permits
      • Amount MuniCode charges R.M. plus 15% administration fee
      • Minimum $150.00
    • Assessment information/field sheets/property profile sheets
      • Property owners are able to receive one copy of their property profile free of charge (SAMA's Access to Information Bylaw)
      • Property profiles provided to others for $15 per property
    • Primary weight permits are free of charge to ratepayers with "F plates". All other primary and over weight permits will be charged the following fees:
      • $50 - single trip
      • $300 - annual permit
      • $500 - maximum for fleet of 10 or more (single trip)
      • $3000 - maximum for fleet of 10 or more (annual permit)

              Please contact the office for more information. Contact

  • Pest Control

    Our Pest Control Officer is Grant Peeling, G.W.P. Rodent Products, Moose Jaw, phone: 306-694-8485.

    Pest control products for mice and rats are available, free of charge, to rural ratepayers. A supply is kept at the municipal office for distribution. 

    Gopher poison must be preordered and is charged to ratepayers at cost. If you would like to be placed on our list to receive annual gopher poison information/order form, please call the office at 306-345-2303. We have held a distribution day in early spring for a number of years. This ensures timely pick up of gopher poison and the chance to speak with our pest control officer.

    The. R.M. owns a skunk trap which is available for use by ratepayers. Contact the office. For more skunk information, please click here

  • Weed Control

    Our weed inspector is John Langford. John identifies areas in the municipality infested with noxious weeds.  He treats municipal right of ways with herbicide and provides weed notices to property owners whose land contains noxious weeds.  Land owners are required to control noxious weeds on their property.

    John can be contacted at 306-551-4775.

    Bylaw 2-84 deals with the enforcement of the use of covers on trucks, etc. under The Noxious Weeds Act .